RGB: Internet tales

RGB – Internet Tales is an editorial project that maps and analyses the Internet from a past, present, and future perspective. The project spreads over three visual books, entirely built on data mining available from the World Wide Web (WWW).


R—The Promise focuses on Internet’s birth and infancy.

G—The Collapse narrates Internet’s conflicted present moment of adolescence.

B—The return speculates on what the Internet will look like as it become an adult.


These books conceptualise the Internet as a living organism and tell a story of its past, present, and future and are divided in twelve thematic chapters.

This book departs from the idea that the Internet is a living organism in constant evolution, and based on that assumption, how can position itself in time and space? Furthermore, how can we conceptualise its past, present and future? Could I map and analyse what the Internet once was, what it is, and what it could become?

Technosphere - The power of (ten) scale (Powers of Ten - Eames).

I decided to create a sort of Internet memoirs in the form of a visual catalogue and draw a comparison between its different temporal relationships. In order to demonstrate such contrast, I developed the concept of three separate, yet interrelated books. Each of them reveals a different time, but with parallel moments. Each of the books’ chapters was explored in a related visual way.

Throughout the whole developmental process, I kept coming back to one same conclusion: in the past, the Internet was perceived with certain ingenuousness—a Promise; in the present is seen as an uncontrollable super-organism capable of swallowing the world—an imminent Collapse; yet, it keeps feeding our naïve hopes for the future—an eventual Return.


Politics in the Pre-Histories of the Internet.

Dear Internet,


You are the ultimate human project of collectivity. You are made by humans whilst escaping human condition. You live with accumulation, congestion, and aggregation, and you exist with very little edition, and even less criticality.

You exist for all. Or do you?

This book is of you. Equally, it had to be made of accumulation, of what exists in you. The material in this book is yours; no human can fully claim it from the moment they decided to share it with you. I do not claim to be author of a book that is actually made by you. The explorative nature of this academic work, without any sort of commercial ambition also allows me to question any pretention of human ownership over you. Humans may behave as stewards, and in the scope of this project, I may behave as editor.


Your vastness has allowed to fully pursue my initial quest: to draw a boundary of data mining completely within you. No other sources have been used to compile this book. No other sources are needed to tell your story.

This book is in fact three. The Promise is about your birth and infancy. The Collapse about your conflicted present moment of adolescence. The return is a speculation of what you will look like as an adult.

These Internet Tales are assigned with colours generated by your eyes, your pixels. They merge past, present and future.

RGB: Internet Tales

December 2017

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