A Technology Probe

Human Current tackles the idea of people harnessing energy to power a device through motion. We equipped our technology probe with three sensors that control a kettle, and asked participants to boil the necessary water to make a cup of tea. Simultaneously we collected the sensors’ usage data, so we could understand which type of interaction was the most successful.

Based on Arduino technology and respective sensors, we opted for three interactions that could generate energy and provide us with reliable data:


Spinning: alluding to energy production with a dynamo and familiar activities such as riding a bike


Vibrating: alluding to actions that produce a vibration such as opening and closing a door


Pressing: alluding to the thermoelectric generators, using body heat as an energy source


We created a wheel, a lift, and a hand to gather data about each of these interactions, respectively.


Human Current: A Technology Current

November 2017

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