MEE - Mapping Environments for Empowerment - is a service that resources to satellite mapping with the objective of empowering refugees. It allows them to collaborate with Agencies and receive crowd-funding for their projects, thus making them decision makers in their camps.

MEE contains a set of tools and works in three distinct stages: - 1st Stage: “Mapping the Existent Camp” - 2nd Stage: “Mapping New Areas to Build” - 3rd Stage: “Get Crowdfunding for to Build New Areas” - There is also a mid-step between the two first stages which is “Understanding the Camp”.


1st Stage: In this stage, camp inhabitants are given a kit: MapMEE. This product constantly marks the location of a tent. The main hub has a presence light that illuminates the surrounding area outside. Each kit has a personal number, that provides the owners with a location and virtual address.


2nd Stage: In order to build new areas, refugees and aid agencies resource to FundMEE. It has a main hub and 6 secondary pins. The pins are used to outline an area; the hub uploads the data to the satellite. It allows the users to classify the type of area they wish to build, so the satellite knows what kind of data it is receiving. Mid-step between 1st and 2nd Stage: GuideMEE is a simpler version of a portable GPS that has two functions in the camp: guiding people around, especially new comers; helping people understand the space when they are trying to build a new area with FundMe. This device only displays your location, rather than allowing you to enter directions.


3rd Stage: Finally, on the third stage, users can access the MEE platform and find about projects they can “Backup”. They can also pay for goods and equipment that are needed in the camp. With time, they can see the progress of the works through real-time satellite imagery.

Digital platform representation, where users can not only purchase goods, fund projects and track their evolution, but also remain engaged with the overall services, other users and the same people they are helping.

CubeSats - MEE

February 2017

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